Ministry Of Development Planning - Bureau Of Statistics

Applications are invited from suitably qualified local candidates for the following TEMPORARY POSITIONS tenable at the Bureau of Statistics for six (6) months.

MINISTRY                            :               FINANCE

DEPARTMENT                    :               TREASURY

DIVISION                             :               DEPUTY ACCOUTANT GENERAL

GRADE                                  :               K

RESPONSIBLE TO              :               ACCOUNT GENERAL

Under the supervision of the accountant General, the incumbent is responsible for providing leadership to the expenditure section of treasury department. He/she will, in particular, engage in supervision of the staff of the staff of the section, management of the Government of Lesotho (GOL) payments, including timely payroll preparation, ensuring existence of effective internal control system in relation to payments and disbursements, and preparation of consolidated financial reports, especially in relation to expenditure and costs.


To monitor expenditure by the Line Ministries and agencies, taking cognizance of application of the Law such as the Public Financial Management and Accountability (PFMA)Act 2011, related regulations and policies, International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and other Generally Accepted Accounting  Practice (GAAP)

Ensure quality delivery by the treasury, particularly efficiency of the GOL disbursements and payments developing appropriate policies and procedures.

Identify opportunities for improving service delivery with regard to disbursements and payments by the Line Ministries and agencies.

Review developments regarding expenditure management/control and payments efficiency in other jurisdiction and draw lessons for Lesotho.

Provide technical guidance to the Line Ministries and agencies on implementation of the PFMA Act 2001, Treasury Regulations, other related laws policies, systems, and procedures.

Ensure compliance with the PFMA Act 2011 in reporting expenditure, costs, disbursements and payments by the GOL.

Ensure application of the IPSAS and other GAAP in reporting on expenditure, costs, disbursements and payments by the Line Ministries, Sub –Accountancies, Agencies and other Government sub-divisions.

Ensure existence of effective systems of internal control and accounting with respect to the GOL payments, disbursements, expenditure and costs.

To manage payment cycle and to safeguard the financial records

To ensure timely distribution of warrants and transfer of cash to ensure that the operations of the Line Ministries and agencies are not disrupted at the end of each quarter and financial year.

To ensure that the payroll is produced and salary payments are made in accordance with agreed schedules.

Ensure that production of cheques and payments occurs in accordance with set standards so that suppliers are paid on time.

Review the payment reports and take appropriate action.

Facilitate proper safekeeping of records and supporting documents.

Providing technical support and guidance to the Line Ministries in ensuring existence of systems of internal control and accounting with respect to the GOL bank accounts relating to payments under their custody

To  produce Financial Reports

Monitor adherence to end of month procedures and take appropriate action.

Facilitate production of budget execution reports.

Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual consolidated expenditure/disbursements reports for submission to the Accountant General.

Assemble a statement of losses and write-offs to accompany the GOL consolidated annual finance statements.

Participate in the annual consolidated financial statement of the GOL.

Facilitate audit of the consolidate annual financial statements by the Auditor General.

 Ensure queries raised in the audit management letter from the office of the Auditor General are effectively attended to.

Ensure the GOL  banks accounts, namely, the Recurrent Expenditure, Development/capital Expenditure, Trust/Third Party and consolidate Fund Account held with the Central Bank of Lesotho are reconciled items do not remain outstanding for than 30 days.

To lead and manage the Expenditure Division

Provide professional and technical leadership to develop the expenditure section.

Determine objectives and approve work plans for the Expenditure section.

Prepare annual budget for achieving the department objectives.

Review expenditure operations for the section and develop improved methods and systems to promote efficiency and quality service.

Facilitate fiscal decentralization, especially in relation to the disbursements and expenditure.

Assess human resources requirements necessary to staff the Expenditure section and make appropriate recommendations to the Accountant General.

Recommend appointments, promotions, transfers, training and development of staff to the Accountant General.

Prepare the sectional training plan and submit to the Accountant General for approval.

Appraise immediate subordinate staff to enhance individual development. 

Report regularly to the Accountant General on the performance and understanding  of the section.

Facilitate continuous professional development of the staff of the Expenditure section to establish and maintain high level of performance of the staff of the expenditure  and understanding of the current issues, especially in disbursements and payments of processes



Chartered Accountant or equivalent recognized senior professional accounting education


Four (4) years working experience at a senior management level in an accounting/finance environment.


Master’s degree in commerce with accounting as a major or related master’s Degree with strong bias in accounting and finance


Six (6) years experience at senior management level in an accounting /finance environment.

Membership of a recognized professional accounting or finance body is an added advantage.

Work experience:

In-depth and extensive experience in accounting and  finance.

Experience in changing processes in finance and accounting environment.

Experience in team building and management.

Experience in public sector accounting is an added advantage.

Technical competencies:

Thorough knowledge of and of and experiences in preparation and international of consolidated financial statements.

Good experience in treasury and financial risks management.

Strong change management orientation and experience.

Strong financial orientation and ability to develop solid working relationships with end users.

Proven people manage skills and leadership.

Extensive knowledge of preparation for audit and handling of audit process.

Knowledge of the public service Rules and Regulations is an added advantage.

Familiarity with the Financial Management and Accountability Act, 2011, procurement Regulations and Treasury Regulations 2014 is an added advantage.

Knowledge of the IPSAS, or International Finance Reporting standards (IFRS), is a must.

Familiarity with the IFMIS operation is an added advantage.

Proactively and ability to work independently on  issues affecting a team and organizations.

Personal Competencies

Ability to work with colleagues from varying backgrounds.

Strong analytical, problem solving and conceptual skills.

Solution and result focused.

Other Competencies

Applicants must pass an assessment test


The Human Resource Office

Ministry of public service

Sun Gardens


On or before 4:30 pm 31st July 2015

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  • Sept. 23, 2015, 6:26 p.m.

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