Print and Supply of Taxi Stickers



The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) invites tenders from interested companies to Print and Supply of Taxi stickers

Tender document is obtainable from Procurement Unit 2nd Floor at MGC Park during working hours from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Bidders must purchase a copy of tender document at a non-refundable fee of M 300.00 (Three hundred Maloti). The procedure for obtaining the document is as follows: Payment of the bid document must be made at 2nd Floor, Accounts Section. The receipt issued must be taken to the office of Procurement where the document will be issued.


•    Price
•    Lead time
•    Financial Capability (Current bank statement for three months and letter from the bank as an assurance that the supplier will be financed, for incapable suppliers)
•    Specification
•    Sample
•    IEC is not bound to lowest price


•    Price should be quoted in Maloti currency.
•    Prices should include VAT for suppliers who qualify to collect VAT (attach VAT registration certificate).
•    Attach relevant valid trading license certified from source.
•    Attach copy of a valid tax clearance issued from source.
•    Attach share certificate from Registrar of Companies.
•    Provide a sample as per IEC specifications.

•     Payment is done after delivery
•     Unavailability of mandatory documents will lead to disqualification of the bid.
•     Only cash payment is accepted for the tender document.
•     Final destination of the goods is at IEC Warehouse next to WASCO.
Sealed bids bearing no identification of the tenderers should be deposited in the tender box at the IEC 2nd Floor MGC On or before 12:30 noon, Thursday 2nd March 2017 and will be opened on the same date at 14:30hours. Envelopes should be clearly marked: “printing of taxi stickers”

For further information relating to the forms please contact, 

The Procurement Unit
Independent Electoral Commission
2nd Floor MGC PARK
Corner Pope John Paull II Road & Mpilo Boulevard
Maseru, Lesotho    

Tel: +266 - 22 314991/22323362
Fax: +266 – 22 310398
E-mail: OR 

The Independent Electoral Commission of Lesotho reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders.

                                                                     Procurement Unit-IEC

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